Child Support Agency

Child Support Agency liability orders previously registered in the Registry of County Court Judgments, now form part of Section 1 of the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines with details of county court judgments and administration orders.

These Liability Orders normally relate to self-employed individuals as no Attachment of Earnings Order can be made in these cases. Where it is believed that the individual could be contributing, the CSA takes out a Liability Order in a Magistrates Court and, if the debtor is not willing to pay, the debt may be registered. RTL is notified by one of the six CSA Offices in the UK.

Details appearing on any search of the Register include the name and address of the debtor, the date and amount of the debt, the CSA Centre responsible for the information and their reference number.

If the Order is fully repaid after one calendar month from the date of Order, the entry will be marked as ‘satisfied’ on the Register where it will remain for the statutory six year period from the date of Order. If fully repaid within one calendar month from the date of order, the record can be removed from the Register.

Details of Orders remain on the Register for a statutory period of six years from the date of Order, unless reversed by the court, or the amount is fully repaid within one calendar month from the date of registration when the CSA office will notify RTL that the entry should be removed from the Register.

If a debtor feels that details of a registration are inaccurate, application should be made to RTL, providing particulars of the order and stating the requested amendment. If a recent search of the Register has not been made, the requisite search fee must be enclosed. A query will be raised with the relevant CSA office who will investigate and respond to RTL. Upon receipt of their response, the debtor will be advised and, if appropriate, the Register will be amended.

General information
Contact details for the Child Support Agency offices can be found here

Alternatively the CSA Helpline telephone number is : 08457 133133