Types of Agreement

Registry Trust uses four different types and levels of agreement, contract levels I, II and III, for supplies of entire datasets and a Special Request contract for the supply of subsets from the England and Wales register. The current definitions of these contracts are set out below and may be amended by the Company from time to time. Up-to-date definitions and explanations are available from the Company on request or may be published on this website from time to time.

  1. Level I Major Bureau Agreements - contracts embracing the consumer and commercial credit reference agencies as are from time to time covered by these contracts. Any company which in the opinion of the Company, carries out equivalent credit checking services for the finance industry will be deemed to be a Level I contract user.

    In the case of the supply of any consumer Information, any bureau company would require a Level I contract if any of the following is met: they are in receipt of data sharing under SCOR rules or any equivalent body and rules; they undertake more than 10m credit searches in any 12 consecutive month period; or the Bureau Group (or sub group if agreed by the Company) has annual revenues greater than £20m.

  2. Level II Agreed Purpose Agreements - the contract covering all those purchasers of data not covered by Level I Major Bureau Agreements, who offer bureau services and are restricted by the contract terms to an Agreed Purpose as defined within their agreement for the supply of Information.

  3. Level III Own Use Agreements - the contract for all licensees not selling or supplying the Information to Third Parties, and who are using the Information only within their business or in their subsidiaries or associated companies as defined within the terms of their agreement.

  4. Special Request Agreements - the contract for all purchasers of parts of the England and Wales dataset which is supplied using specific criteria. Data can be selected either by the name of the issuing court or by the post code of the defendant, for example all judgments issued by Nottingham county court or all judgments where the defendant’s address has a post code of NG. These extracts can be further split into three categories: records relating to individuals, non corporate bodies (e.g. trading styles, partnerships and sole traders) and records relating corporate bodies (e.g. Plc, Limited).