Sample Agreements

Please see the Types of Agreement page for details of all types of contracts. Registry Trust Limited manages a licence scheme for England & Wales and the licence is included in all of the Registry Trust Agreements. Level I Major Bureau Agreement and Special Request Agreement licence terms can be supplied by making a request to and copies of the full Agreement will be supplied to potential purchasers after the clarification of any request.

The Level II and Level III contracts are specific to the purchaser specifying the agreed purpose or products licensed in the case of Level II and the own use purpose in the case of a Level III. Please email for further information and to discuss your requirements. A copy of the agreement will be supplied to you when your requirements have been identified and terms agreed.

A level II or Level III Licence can be granted through a Level I or Level II bulk purchaser to a client where the Bureau supply reports in bulk which includes England & Wales data or information from Registry Trust Limited. The licence, issued by Registry Trust, is attached to the terms and conditions of the supplying Bureau and when signed will be included in the list of England and Wales Licence Holders. The chosen Bureau will discuss and agree terms with a client for this type of licence and Registry Trust will discuss directly with the Bureau the wording and terms required.

The list of licence holders will not identify the level of agreement or supplying Bureau for commercial confidentiality reasons. The data is supplied by Registry Trust under the Regulations as a periodic supply and is usually supplied daily or, with agreement, another periodic term. The Registrar must be satisfied that the request is within the Regulations and is being used for a permitted purpose before a licence is granted. If you hold data from Registry Trust or advertise that you provide this data you must have a licence and appear on the list of licence holders. In the case resellers of Bureau reports which include Registry Trust data, resellers must acknowledge the source licencee in any advertising or on any web site.